Sound like I must fight more for the chance of only one position in house illustrator.

As I join many battle, this one is the hardest challenge to fight!!

Sound like I must research more about MTG hee hee hee~


May be my dream will come true next years. I got a contact from Magic the gathering last minute about 24hr drawing testing and language check that's the last test before I move to their studio. Hope I can pass that test with my drawing and broken english hee hee~


Long time no write to my blog GRRRRRRR

There's many thing happend to me lately that make me confuse about my life, it's sound like I'm gonna have some rest and start wandering alone somewhere and stop working on CG for a while cause I'm boring withmy metalic style right now and need to realize more material, style and exploring more inspirationto make somethingmore excitingand not to repeat my own work again not only that, I think I'm gonna be like a boring guy someday if I'm continue my current typical days like this.

Cool works can'tbe madefrom boring guys right? Ha ha ha after my currrent project is done I will make some cool plamo and travelling around for a while and will bring something new to EON challenge for sure~

Working now, see you again when my R-gun poweredis done hee hee hee.