Hmmm everyone think that I will be in lucas Singaporesoon............But the true is they need me to do 3D andas I ask my friend, they ask me about the position, may be.......it's gonna be Digital artist not a concept artist ha ha ha if they need digital artist to do 3D works it's really ordinary thing for Digital artist.

About 3D, I try to study it b4 but what I get is migraine I'm really sick with everything that made by vector method GRRRRR!!

I learn a lot from wandering as freelance for a years after graduated, it's really worth to learn and I think it's the right thing to do before get to work fulltime but now it's the time to find the best one I can work full time!! What I'm really need right now is the best societyhaving full of creativity and brainstorm all the day with many great guys!! It's time to expand more vision and learn different thing from others.

About Lucas Singapore hmmm..... it's good to apply and try againbut I wanna try more choice before consider,Ilearn a lot from singapore conference and get some confusion right now.And my dreaming works as Magic the gathering cards illustratorisrecruiting more artist now GRRR!! If I can get there that's mean I get to the top of card game industry~ Even I have over200 illustration for card games(include 50+oil paintthat's not scanned and show in my gallery)but it's only little title in thailand. Magic the gathering is what I'm really want to proof my title as "true cards illustrator" before get to work in another field hee hee. But may be I can miss this position again~ So, getting more opportunity is the best way to do GRRRRRRR!!





hey , how are you man! , i understand your situation, and my point of view , 2d concept artist always the master of 3d artist , work that will come out always the 2d work that 3d artist have to follow , and my suggestion is don't change yourself if you don't like it , your style is strong "enough" to be signature of the project , but who knows? good luck and chase your dream
#3 by monsitj ( At 2006-08-27 10:31,
I have Important info on a new project. Get back to asap...
#2 by Dave ( At 2006-08-27 08:48,
Goodluck with your choice.
Life is yours.
#1 by MEISANMUI™ At 2006-08-27 00:41,